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And if someone ghosts, that says more about them than about you.

That’s not someone who I’d like to build any kind of relationship with.

Wiseman closed the night on a positive note.“No matter what happens, I live in a community of people that wants to get stronger, and what that proves is we are already strong,” Wiseman said.

By Nada Alic OK, so I’m not an art historian but I’m gonna go ahead and guess that the first artwork ever created was probably created by someone who was going through a breakup.

) phenomenon perpetuated by dating apps, what’s the best way for a woman to address or respond to being “ghosted”? VG: Personally, I’m all about honesty and calling people out on rude behavior.

I want people to know when they’re treating others badly and not let them get away with it, because how else will change come about?

According to Bauer, she was disheartened by the election results and did not want to continue with the project.“The publisher said ‘No, no, we have to do it now more than ever,’” Bauer said at the beginning of the event. Each poet was asked to read her own poem as well as one by another poet featured in the anthology.

Hansen chose to read one by her friend Barbara Schmitz, a poet and English professor at Northeast Community College in Norfolk, titled, “When the Body is as Sweet as Corn.”Hansen followed with her own poem titled “Bad Hair Day.” In the poem, Hansen likens the Donald Trump presidency to a series of extremely bad hair days, in which the only remedy is letting the hair grow out.

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Poets donning “pussy hats,” “Nasty Woman” T-shirts and even blue hair gathered to read their work from the anthology to students and faculty.Marianne Kunkel, a poet and assistant English professor at Missouri Western State University, was the next to read.She said the election made her feel as if she was not part of a community.“It’s been lonely in my town in rural Missouri wondering where my people were,” Kunkel said.It’s Not Personal is one of those spaces, run by Brooklyn-based Sara Radin and Vanessa Gattinella, it’s a an inclusive, femme-centric dating collective based on Instagram, Facebook and IRL workshops along with a monthly column with BUST Magazine.The goal of the project is to “challenge the rituals of today’s modern romance and create safe, judgment free spaces for women/womxn to share their dating experiences using the healing tools of art and writing.” I talked to Sara and Vanessa about It’s Not Personal and got some sage wisdom on understanding the Rubik’s Cube that is dating in 2017. SR: It all started back in January 2016, when I wrote a poem about a short lived romance, and in-person break up.

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